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ROI Calculator

Estimate your charter revenue and expenses.

If you are interested in Charter Yacht Ownership, please complete and submit the form below and our team will provide a free charter proforma of your charter revenues and expenses tailored to your situation.

Please view the Proforma Instructions for a step-by-step guide on how to use the tool.

For a more accurate proforma, please provide information for all fields. Note: your name, phone number and email will be stored internally so that our staff may follow up with you and provide the requested proforma.

Once all of this information has been entered, please click ‘Submit’. Using your information, out team will create and provide Financial Summary for you to analyze.

If you have questions, please contact our fleet development team at 1.800.233.3004 |

Proforma Instructions
Boat Type Choose Power or Sail
Year Please do not include the boat length or make in this field. For example: 2013, not 2013 Grand Banks 36
Make Please do not include the boat length or year in this field. Example: Grand Banks, not 2013 Grand Banks 36
Length What is its published length? Do not put the vessel’s LOA in this field.
Boat Value This is the same as purchase price or the value of your already owned vessel.
Sales Tax Please enter "0" (zero) to take advantage of the tax exemptions for purchasing a boat for charter service*. If you would like to pay sales tax, you may add the amount back in for calculation. *By exempting tax, owners do charter their boat back to themselves to comply with state requirements. Please contact AYC for more information.
Cash Down A down payment is typically 20% of the boat value or purchase price. If you already own your boat, please put the boat value in this field so that there is no loan balance.
Annual Interest Rate Enter the assumed interest rate for the vessel purchase. If you already own your boat, put a 0 in this field.
Loan Terms Enter the assumed loan term (in years) for the vessel purchase. If you already own your boat, put a 0 in this field.
Commission Split This is a fixed amount. *Commission incentives are available for new model boats. Contact AYC for more information.
Total Charter Weeks This is the number of weeks you desire to have your boat available for charter. 8-10 weeks of charter is typical of a new boat to the fleet in the first few years – you can adjust the number for each season to calculate this total.
Number of Pillows Enter the total number of people the vessel will sleep in staterooms – this does not include convertible settees or dinettes.
Red Season Charter Rate This is based on a 6-night charter week. Look through our fleet for a few comparable vessels to get an idea of what your boat would charter for. Look at staterooms/heads/age of boat, etc. Advertised rates online include a $125/night (Power) or $75/night (Sail) Customer Care fee; deduct the Customer Care fee from the rate before multiplying by 6 nights. For instance, if a comparable power boat is advertised at $690/night, the rate used would be $590/night. If you are unsure, please contact AYC for assistance.
Moorage Amount Please review the current Anacortes Marina moorage rates. Note: published moorage rates can vary depending on slip availability. If AYC secures moorage for you in one of AYC's moorage pool slips, a $50/month surcharge will be added to the moorage rate.
View Moorage Rates
Maintenance Amount For proforma purposes, please enter $5,000 per year for sailboats or $7,500 per year for powerboats up to 45’, and $10,000 per year for powerboats over 45’ – please keep in mind that this is an estimate and maintenance fees can vary based on the type of boat, age, condition, etc.