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Catamaran Yachts

Get the best of Power and Sail

2024 Season

Catamaran sailboats often provide the best of power boats and sail boats and are a great charter option for exploring Northwest waters. The catamarans in our fleet are more similar to power yachts than they are to sailboats – so it’s like a large, stable power boat with the option of sailing. Here’s why:

  • Catamarans and power yachts have the bulk of living space on the main deck, with lots of sunshine and views.
  • Catamarans often have larger cabins than sailboats and have more heads. And catamarans often sleep more people than similar sized power yachts.
  • Catamarans have more outside deck space than most power yachts and spacious interior is ideal for entertaining.
  • Catamarans are very fuel efficient. Reduced drag, lighter weight, and the sail option combine to make catamarans one of the most fuel-efficient boats on the water.
  • Catamarans let you choose how you cruise — sail or power — as well as provide a redundant propulsion system for additional security.
  • Catamarans are stable. The wide beam and reduced heeling make for a stable, level and comfortable ride.

Gail Lee

38′ Leopard Cat

Sleeps: 10

Rig: Sloop

Keel: Multi-hull

Seasonal Rates:

$1,005 $1,125 $1,240 $1,300

Laura Marie

48′ Leopard Cat

Sleeps: 12 with crew berth and dinette

Rig: Fractional rigged sloop

Keel: Multi-hull shallow draft

Seasonal Rates:

$1,400 $1,570 $1,900 $2,095