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San Juan Islands

7-Night / 8-Day Itinerary

Not intended for navigation. Routes and distances are approximate and are determined by each skipper based on conditions and preferences.

For centuries the call of the San Juan Islands has lured adventurous mariners seeking a special place. Long before Spanish and English sailors explored this vast myriad of islands, Native Americans plied the straights in their canoes as they traded, raided and gathered seafood. The San Juan Islands are comprised of hundreds of islands ranging from small rocky outcrops to large forest-clad and mountainous masses. The waters are rich with seafood… salmon, rockfish, scallops, Dungeness crab, mussels and clams. Wildlife abounds on the land and in the sea. You’re just as likely to encounter tiny squirrels, deer and migratory birds as you are to see seals, sea lions and whales. Have you ever seen a whale breach, heard the whoosh of air exhaling through its blowhole or been amazed by the sheer beauty of a pod of Orcas gliding through glassy waters?

7-Night / 8-Day Itinerary

Day 1 | Anacortes to Lopez Island

Cruising miles: 12

A leisurely cruise from our Anacortes base to Spencer Spit State Park. This 130-acre park on Lopez Island has several mooring buoys and affords good holding. Check the weather and stop on the leeward side of the spit.

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Day 2 | Friday Harbor

Cruising miles: 9

One of the most popular tourist destinations is Friday Harbor. This island community is one of the best spots for shopping and dining ashore. The port offers transient moorage for 130 yachts.

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Day 3 | Roche Harbor

Cruising miles: 11

Bring your camera. Roche Harbor is one of the island’s most picturesque locations. Originally a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post, today Roche Harbor is a scenic yachtsman’s resort and don’t miss the famous sunset flag ceremony.

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Day 4 | Reid Harbor

Cruising miles: 4

Reid Harbor at Stuart Island not only affords 360-degrees of protection but also boasts a comforting number of mooring buoys and floats. This is a great place for the hikers in the crew to stretch their legs in Stuart Island Marine State Park.

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Day 5 | Sucia Island

Cruising miles: 16

Start early and stop early so that you have enough time to explore the number one park in the San Juan Islands, Sucia Island. Sucia is a magical spot with numerous bays to explore either by dinghy or on foot.

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Day 6 | Rosario Resort | Orcas Island

Cruising miles: 18

Nestled at the base of Mt. Constitution is Rosario Resort. Once a mansion belonging to Seattle legend Robert Moran, this waterside resort offers interesting island history, rugged scenery, fine dining, spa services and an outdoor pool.

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Day 7 | Hunter Bay | Lopez Island

Cruising miles: 7

Meander through the San Juan Islands into Lopez Sound for a quiet anchorage at Hunter Bay. Catch a Dungeness crab dinner and savor a peaceful evening “on the hook”.

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Day 8 | Anacortes

Cruising miles: 13

This morning, a short cruise back to our base takes you past rugged Cypress Island and the low lying Guemes Island. As you enjoy this final leg of your cruise, you can take time to plan your next AYC charter.