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Boating Qualifications

How We Ensure Skipper and Crew Capabilities

Skippering A Bareboat Charter

To ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe cruise, we want to be sure that you and your crew know how to handle the yacht you have chosen. Each charterer must complete a Boating Experience Resume, which will help us with our review of your skills.


In order to qualify to skipper a bareboat charter, the operator must meet the following criteria:

  • Recent practical experience skippering aboard a similar size and type of vessel
  • Experience in tidal waters

On charter day you will receive a Check-Out of the yacht including a systems orientation and a chart review of your cruising area. Observation of your boat handling skills to confirm the skipper’s ability to maneuver the vessel will also be required. This check-ride is not intended to teach boat handling skills.

If you would like additional training, AYC offers programs to sharpen your skills and/or completely train you and your crew for your cruising vacation. Please call for information.


Under certain circumstances, AYC may request you arrange for private, pre-qualification time prior to your scheduled charter. Typically this is done for a charterer that would benefit from “hands-on” time aboard their chosen yacht. Based on the Boating Experience Resume, the skipper should only need a limited time aboard the boat to prepare for a safe cruise. Pre-qualification time is scheduled in the spring for an additional fee and usually takes 1-3 hours of time. We encourage the “crew” to join the skipper so that our staff can include reminders to those responsible to assist the skipper when arriving and departing moorages.

Cruise and Learn Course

This custom training program is designed for the sailor who wishes to develop a higher level of competency by taking an instructor along on part or all of his charter. When proficient boating skills are demonstrated the instructor may depart at our marina or one of the ferry landings on the islands with ferry service to Anacortes. AYC screens the instructors for their experience and personality. These amiable instructors will work with you as you develop the skills to handle your boat. The instruction fee is $450 per day. Please contact our office for further details.

Submit Your Boating Experience Resume

Please take a few minutes to download and complete the Boating Experience Resume Form to provide a brief history of your boating experience. Once filled out, please email the PDF file to

Upon completion of the form, one of our reservation specialists will contact you with more information about how easy it is to charter a yacht with Anacortes Yacht Charters!

Download Boating Resume Form

Certified Instruction Courses

Become a more skillful boater! AYC provides a wide range of yachting and sailing certification designed to get you and your charter party ready to relax and safely enjoy your vacation. AYC offers certified ASA Sailing Classes as well as certified AYC Power Cruising Classes.