Dear Dan,

Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you and your company on being a "class act".

I'm sure that when everything goes "ok' you seldom hear from the customer, and that when things don't go as planned you get letters you'd just as soon not receive. Well, here is one you can start a third pile with!

True, we had a problem with the charter because another charterer damaged the boat we had reserved. This was not your fault and things like this do happen, but what is unusual is the lengths to which you went to try to make us happy, from finding an emergency replacement, to providing some needed additional service to seeing that we were "ok" when we returned it.

True, it was not exactly what we had anticipated, but it was a darn site better than having to cancel our vacation! The "product" is important but "service" made the difference! Thanks for all the efforts of you and the rest of your staff who helped us. Rest assured the next time we charter, it will be through Anacortes Yacht Charters.

Dick Wisenburg

Dear Dan & Sherrie,

Thank you so much for all you did to make our Offshore Cruising Club's flotilla cruise of the San Juan Islands such a success. We appreciated your attention to detail as well as keeping the perspective of the big picture. Even those who had a change of boat (due to circumstances beyond your control) and the crew of "Spirit", who had a breakdown, had a wonderful time, overall.

The provisioning was inspired and its standards very high. I've written to the Michauds to commend their excellent work. They are such an attractive couple as well as good at what they do.

Thanks and compliments go, as well, to Kurt for his excellent briefings and problem management and to your wonderful staff members, Jane and Cindy. (Kathy was a great "boat checker" and "Bubba" an enthusiastic go-fer for our crew.)

Hopefully, Offshore will plan other cruises in your area and we will be fortunate enough to return.

And, finally, many, many thanks for the exquisite basket you sent aboard the Northern Exposure. We feasted upon the culinary delights and your private label '94 Yakima Valley Chardonnay (yum!) and used the basket itself for party fun. What a lovely thing to do!

David joins me in sending best wishes for a mild winter season and happy sailing...

Millie Van Scotia

Dear Staff,

I want to express my appreciation to you for your efforts on behalf of my wife and me during our short training and cruise last week. You all exhibited a friendly and professional manner, which made our stay even that much more enjoyable. I especially want to thank Byron for not only his exceptional boat-handling skills, but also for his ability to teach and encourage his novice crew. He made the training time a very pleasant and profitable learning experience.

Our friends, who we went with, have invited us to return, so we may be contacting you again for another cruise.

Bill Pfingstag

Dan -

Hope you are well! We're still basking in the great time we had.

Thanks again,
Paul & Deb

Dear Dan and Sherrie,

We had a great summer because of you and your company. We had one of the best trips of my life. The boat performed flawlessly and your team was cordial, helpful and organized.

William J. Baker
Issaquah, Washington

Dear Dan and Sherrie,

My wife, Margaret, and I recently had a very pleasant charter on the "Getaway" and wanted to let you know how pleased we were with Tim Starkovich, our "Cruise 'N Learn" skipper. Besides being knowledgeable about all the systems on the boat, he was able to explain them in an easy to understand manner. He was very thorough and obviously cared about the equipment as well as the satisfaction of the customer.

In his other role as a guest aboard our boat, we found him to be an all-around pleasant young man. He joined us for meals, helping with preparation and clean-up.

It was obvious that he has a lot of experience in operation of boats and knowledge of the local waters. As he instructed both Margaret and myself in maneuvering, his calm technique reduced our anxiety and increased our confidence, the sign of an excellent instructor. As an airline pilot, and former instructor for the airline, I have observed and received instruction from many people and found Tim's skills to be among the best.

A. Bruce Evertz

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