Our Guarantee
What is covered:

The following equipment is considered essential to the operation of the yacht and is covered: engine, transmission, windlass, charging system and batteries. Motor Vessels include dinghy. Sailing Vessels include sails, standing and running rigging, and dinghy.

What we will do:

If you should encounter a breakdown of any of the above mentioned equipment, we will correct the problem within 4 working hours of receiving your call. If we fail to correct the problem within 4 hours, you will receive compensatory time at the end of your scheduled charter (if available) or cruising credit towards your next charter. Compensation will be based on the actual time lost less the 4 hour grace period. The credit value per charter hour will be based on a 12 hour working charter day (6 AM to 6 PM) and the number of days of the charter and the charter fee paid. Therefore, if your charter fee were $2500.00 for 7 days, the credit rate per hour would be $29.76 ($2500÷7 ÷12).

Dinghy outboard motors: Compensation for an inoperable rental outboard will be limited to a refund of the daily rental fee for each day inoperable. Compensation for non-rental outboards will be limited to a refund of $50 for each day inoperable.

What we ask you to do:

To receive guaranteed service on your charter, you must contact the base at the time of the breakdown, problem or dissatisfaction. All grievances must be presented by the head charterer at the end of the charter and agreed upon by Anacortes Yacht Charters prior to the charterer’s departure from the marina.

What this guarantee does not cover:

All breakdowns will be serviced! However, compensatory cruising time will not be provided for repairs to the following systems or items: VHF Radio, Refrigeration, Stereo/Cassette/CD Player, Heaters, Electronics including Radar and GPS/Plotters, Water Pressure Pumps, Erratic Gauges and Marine Sanitation Systems and any other item which does not render the yacht inoperable. Anacortes Yacht Charters will make every effort to repair these types of problems as quickly as possible, if the charterer chooses, however charterer may be asked to move to an anchorage more accessible for repairs to be facilitated.

Also excluded from this compensatory guarantee are any breakdowns that occur outside the twenty-mile radius of an Anacortes Yacht Charters base, voyages into Canadian waters, and problems resulting from the negligent operation of the charterer.

If you encounter any difficulties at all during your charter, please call us. Anacortes Yacht Charters has a dedicated staff that is committed to providing you with the best possible charter experience.

Thank YOU for choosing Anacortes Yacht Charters!

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