Cruising World rates the best
bareboat charter companies in the world

Among those who know charter companies, there has been a high regard for Anacortes Yacht Charters since its inception in 1979. AYC has successfully aspired to set the standard for bareboat chartering worldwide in the areas of service, boat quality, innovative and streamlined procedures as well as attention to detail. According to a Cruising World Reader Poll, AYC rates 1st in the world!

Cruising World Magazine asked it's readers to respond to a questionaire about their past years charter experience. This unbiased guide is used to compare charter companies worldwide. Anacortes Yacht Charters was one of only 5 companies worldwide to receive an "excellent" rating. There were 175 charter companies in the survey, with AYC tying for the highest score.

When considering a boating vacation, it is important to have confidence in the charter company you choose. Anacortes Yacht Charters gives you the best selection of boats and the best value for your money. Our past charter clients' opinions speak for themselves. Go with the charter company that assures you of a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

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